On your mark. Get set. Go!

This weekend thousands of runners will take to the streets of downtown Houston for the 37th Chevron Houston Marathon.
Bill Stamps has more on what to expect.

On your mark. Get set.

Just before the gun goes off Sunday morning, each one of the thousand of runners will be thinking something different Some might think, what have I gotten myself into?—Twenty six miles.

51-year old Wayne Rutledge may be thinking about his first Houston Marathon back in 1977 when there were just a few hundred runners. Or he could thinking about this year’s goal.

“What’s your goal this year? I’d like to qualify for Boston and for my age group its 3 hours and 35 minutes.”

Its possible Houston’s Dixie Evan might be thinking to herself, she wasn’t even supposed to be here after a cancer diagnosis five years ago.

“Ten years before I was diagnosed they didn’t have some of the drugs that I used that are responsible for me being here.”
Bill Stamps: “And now you’re running marathons.”
“And now I’m running marathons.”

Only a handful of athletes get the opportunity to run for the gold every four years. But with marathons, every runner can get the gold. For some winning the gold means beating their personal best time. For others it’s simply finishing the race.

More than 8-thousand people will run in the marathon and some 9 thousand will run in the shorter half marathon.

For more information, view the 37th Chevron Houston Marathon Web site.