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Tough Decisions Ahead for Galveston ISD

The population loss in Galveston means there are to
many schools for fewer students and that will lead to
some difficult decision in the coming weeks.

Rod Rice reports.

Simply put Galveston ISD doesn’t need all the schools it currently has.

“Our best estimation is that we’ve lost approximately 25% of our students. “

Andy Mytelka is president of the Galveston school board.

We have to look at being fiscally responsible in keeping the right number of schools open for the number of students we have.”

 Mytelka says GISD administrators have come up with several possible configurations.

“The board decided that we need to get some public input. We’re having a public forum at Ball High on Wednesday at 6pm. The board will then have a workshop the following week to discuss the input from the public and then in the third week, I believe, on January 21st then the board will vote on what potential options to take.”

Even though everyone on the island is aware of the problems wrought by Ike, closing schools is not going to be easy.

“There’s no question these are hard decision, no one wants to close schools, but it’s just the economic reality of the situation now. And, no matter what decision we like at least 50% of the people won’t like it, so.”

GISD suffered 65-million dollars worth of storm damage. Four schools have been shut down since Ike hit the island.