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Burbank Middle School Students Donate Dinner

Each year many needy families are able to have Thanksgiving dinner thanks to various charities. This year they can also thank the six graders at Burbank Middle school. Bill Stamps tells us how the students got a lesson in something you won't find in textbooks.


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“I wanna hear it all the way to the gym… Are ya’ll ready to end hunger today?

Students reply: “Yes”

They may not end world hunger…or even hunger in Houston for that matter, but by collecting canned food, Burbank Middle school students are helping give some needy families a Thanksgiving dinner.

“We’re hoping that they will understand that to give is better to receive and that helping other people how much fun it can be and how rewarding it can be.”

That’s six grade teacher Donna Howell. Her class was one of two that collected the most cans. The noise you hear is the students pitching in to load the cans into a school bus. Sixth grader Marco Guzman explained what happens to the cans from there.

“They’re gonna give it to the charity to the poor people, because for Thanksgiving, because they don’t have money, so they can celebrate and have food.”

Classmate Scarelett Mengivar gave a similar answer to where all the food goes.

“To the people who live in the street, and they don’t have nothing to eat, and they always ask for money…so they can eat a little bit.”

Teacher Jamie Showalter organized the food drive after hearing how Hurricane Ike had used up most of the food in local food banks.

“I try and teach them in history that our country was built by regular people just like them.  And so, if they could instead of going to the store after school and buying a soda or piece of candy, take that dollar and buy canned goods, or take the vegetable out of your mom’s pantry that you don’t wanna eat and donate.”

It appears this is one lesson where everyone gets an A.

Bill Stamps, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.