Latin Stars Shine in Houston for Grammys

All eyes are on Houston tonight as the Latin Grammys will be held at The Toyota Center. Bill Stamps gives us a preview.

That’s one of the many media personalities who have come to Houston for the big show. The Latin Grammys will be broadcast live nationally and to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Outside the Toyota center there are fans waiting outside police blockaids..hoping to get a glimpse of stars like Frankie J and Julieta Venegas.


Maria Mejia and Jessica Cera waited for nearly two hours. “John Secada, I wanna see Gloria Estefan.”

Jessic Cera. “Oh, I want to see everyone. I don’t care. Everyone.”


The Latin Grammys are usually held in cities like LA, Miami…even Las Vegas. So this is Houston’s chance to show itself to the Latin world. Organizers say most hotels in the area are booked as people are coming from all over.

The show starts seven.