Med Students Helping Med Students

Medical students at the University of Texas Medical
Branch at Galveston get some help in their struggle
to get their education back on track. Rod Rice reports their peers at the UT Medical School in Houston held a Hurricane Ike Relief Drive.

“Most of the students that were living on the island lost everything.”

UTMB’s Melodee Mancuso.

“When they lost their books, they also lost their financial aid, so to replace those books has been really, really difficult.”

UT Houston 2nd year med student Beth McKinnon coordinated the drive.

“We have, probably, over 200 books that have been donated by students and faculty alike. We were really impressed by the turnout and excitement. We even had some monetary donations as well.  Right now, actually, we’re about to load all of these books onto some pick-up trucks and they’re going to go straight to Galveston.”

As the boxes of books were loaded on the truck, Melodee Mancuso said that for the UTMB med students this was a lot more than just getting text books.

“It’s a connection to the outside world. And feeling the support that they’re getting from other people is really, really meaningful to them.”

The books will be distributed next week.

In the meantime, another UT Houston group is collecting food and McKinnon says her is still accepting medical textbooks, supplies and money for the UTMB students.