Tuesday AM November 4, 2008

According to Green Mountain Energy, winterizing your home is as important in the south as it is up north. Ed Mayberry reports.

Heating costs are a large part of the electricity bill — even in Texas, sometimes amounting to as much as 30 per cent of household electricity costs.  Green Mountain’s Mark Lamping says the number one thing you can do is…

“Seal and insulate your home.  You know, Energy Star estimates that homeowners who properly seal and insulate their homes can save up to 20 per cent on heating and cooling costs.  And by sealing, we’re talking about all the gaps in your windows, doorways, air ducts, and you know, make sure you caulk those and weatherstrip those.”

Green Mountain and Harris Interactive recently conducted an energy awareness survey.

“We found that about 81 per cent of the survey respondents in Texas–first of all, they didn’t know that electricity generation is the largest source of pollution — the vast majority of Texans, like 88 percent, believed in environmental sins.  And the number one sin is they felt most guilty about failing to recycle household items.  Texans also were particularly unwilling to make changes to their transportation-related habits, with about two-thirds indicating they would be unwilling to adopt changes to the way they get around town.”

Lamping says the energy awareness survey also found that…

“Nearly half of the Texans said they’re unwilling to ride a bicycle instead of using their car, and about one-third said they’re unwilling to use public transportation.  Good news here is that most Texans said they’d be willing to make change to be more environmentally friendly, as long as that it was easy and didn’t cost a lot of money.”

Lamping says conservation is one answer to higher energy costs.

“By taking steps to conserve energy, Texans can also reduce the pollution caused by household and their individual actions.  In fact, you know, the survey revealed that about half of the U.S. adults mistakenly believe automobiles are the leading cause of pollution, when it really is the generation of electricity.”   

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

image of house leaks
Energy Star identifies Leaks
Image Courtesy of Energy Star