Lynchburg Ferry is Back in Business

The historic Lynchburg Ferry is back in business. Closed because of damage done by Hurricane Ike, the ferries began running again at noon. Rod rice reports.

The ferries had been secured in preparation for Hurricane Ike, but Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia says the storm surge lifted them on top of their landings.

image of Lynchburg Ferry after Hurricane Ike

“We had to literally lift them up with cranes and do all the cleaning, all the repair work and painting and getting them ready to go back in service.”

The price tag is about 300-thousand dollars.

“The great bulk of that price, of course, is for the big crane that came to lift them and move them for us and that alone was 185-thousand.”

Garcia says some of the costs may be reimbursed by FEMA.

“I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll help us for everything. We’ve been keeping track of all the repair costs, all the inspection costs, all the overtime and we hope to get as much as we can in reimbursement.”

The ferry serves about 15-hundred vehicles a day and Garcia says she’s been getting calls everyday asking when the ferry will re-open.