The Day Before the Election

The campaign season comes to an end tomorrow as voters elect a new president as well as state and local officials. Bill Stamps looks at what Republicans and Democrats are doing in these final hours.

By tomorrow night it should all be over. A long campaign like nothing the country, nor Texas has seen before. Gerry Birnberg is chairman of the Harris County Democratic party. He knew there was a lot of excitement about the election but he didn’t expect so many people to turn out early.

“The tremendous early vote turnout was something that nobody predicted, projected or anticipated.”

Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill got a surprise of his own, but his came in the form of Sara Palin.

“One of the great things that Governor Palin brought to the ticket was a real energy to our base. When Senator McCain picked her, it was like a shot in the arm of our base and the energy level just went through the roof.”

As for the next thirty-or-so hours, both men say it’s critical that they do whatever they can to get voters to the polls.

Jared Woodfill: “These next few hours are extremely important and really they will make or break the campaign. Whoever’s most successful in these next thirty-forty hours will determine who’s going to win the election here in Harris county.”

Democratic Chairman Birnberg says they plan to have people all over the city tomorrow.

“We’ll have poll watchers inside polling places to make sure everything is going places. We’ll have people at the polling places to help out in anyway they can.”

And while many people have already voted…Birnberg is advising people who haven’t cast their ballot to get out early.

“One of the problems we persistently have in Harris County is people wait until they get off work. 5-5:30-6 in the evening to go vote, and invariably that produces lines at the polls.”

The polls open in Houston at 7am.

Bill Stamps KUHF Houston Public Radio News.