Pilot Walks-Away From SW Houston Plane Crash

A dramatic rush-hour plane crash just off the Southwest Freeway
earlier today left the pilot shaken but unhurt. The twin-engine
plane made an emergency landing in a field south of 59 near
Bissonnet just before 7 am and then burst into flames.

image of District Fire Chief Richard Mann District Fire Chief Richard Mann says the pilot walked away from the crash.

image of speaker, click here for audio“He had a mechanical malfunction from what I understand and looked for an area to land the plane. I think we was very fortunate given the rush-hour traffic in southwest Houston, there are not a lot of options. I’m not an investigator, but I’d say the pilot did a real good job. Nobody was injured and he was able to get the plane down in southwest Houston with no injuries.”

image of The plane ended-up behind two car dealerships. Jeff Pollard works for Momentum Porsche and saw the pilot and the plane shortly after the crash.

image of speaker, click here for audio“It’s almost surreal. You don’t think about a plane crashing right behind where you work. He’s fortunate that he’s okay and I’m just glad nobody got hurt. It’s just remarkable that an airplane can land like this in the middle of a city and not hit anything and nobody get injured. He said he had a mechanical difficulty and his quote was that he was looking for a place to put it down where I wouldn’t get killed.”

The plane, which had taken off from Pearland airport, was destroyed in the fire.