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Galveston Woman Says Enough!

Although police say there have been few incidents of looting there’s always that possibility, especially in Galveston where many homeowners were evacuated. But one woman is putting potential looters on notice. Bill Stamps has her story.


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It’s just a handmade sign made out of some old torn up cardboard. But the message that hangs over Cindy Cronister’s doorway reads loud and clear: ‘You Loot. I’ll shoot‘. Cindy made the sign after being fed up seeing people try to rob her and her neighbors.

“Don’t come look and see. Don’t come here. If you don’t live here stay away.”
If the bad guys think she’s not serious — they’d better think again.

“Come on in. Come on in. I don’t care which door you try. “

Cindy says she has several guns, and she won’t think twice about using them.

“I call it AT&T Mya’ Bell. I can reach out and touch somebody. Come to my house. I have absolutely no hesitation blowing your ass away. If you ain’t in uniform see ya.”

It’s not just the threat of looting that has Cindy on the verge of a breakdown. Her place is in shambles and even though FEMA is promising help, Cindy doesn’t know how much more she can take. 

“I got lucky they tell me because my ceiling crashed in on me. I got lucky? I’m lucky. I have nothing …nothing. All my stuff is gone and who’s gonna replace it. Me? How…I got no power. I got water, but how am I supposed to clean. Where am I supposed to put this stuff?”

Making matters worse for Cindy, there’s talk of forcing Galveston residents still left on the island to leave.

“How you gone force me to leave. What can you do to me I aint already been through. I done watched everything I own including stuff from my grandmamma and my daddy who are dead. And I can’t replace none of it. “

If you’re a volunteer or FEMA worker Cindy can use all the help she can get. If not—stay away. This is woman, you don’t want to mess with.

Bill Stamps KUHF Houston public radio news.