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Houston Pediatrician Dr. Ralph Feigin Has Died

Renowned Texas Medical Center Pediatrician Dr. Ralph Feigin has died today after a battle with lung cancer. Jack Williams has more.

Feigin was a physician and Chief at Texas Children’s Hospital, also a past President of Baylor College of Medicine. He was considered to be one of the best doctors of Pediatrics in the world.

Texas Medical Center President Dr. Richard Wainerdi says Feigin was as dedicated as they come.

image of speaker, click here for audio“He came in early every morning to make rounds. He took enormous interest in the development of everyone of his stations and in everyone of one of his colleagues. And yes, he will be greatly missed. In many ways Dr. Feigin is to the pediatric world of the Texas Medical Center to what Dr. DeBakey was to the adult world of the Texas Medical Center.”

In an interview a few years ago with KUHF’s Paul Pendergraft, Feign expressed his humility when he talked about a building that was named after him.

image of speaker, click here for audio“It is a little embarassing…and in fact, I never call the building by that name myself. And most people will tell you I hardly ever refer to it that way; even though most other people do.  I’m very honored and proud the hospital and board thought enough of me and my wife to name the building after us, because I can assure you that the only contributions I’ve made here maybe were to recruit a few of the right people that make me look pretty smart.”

Feigin was seventy-years-old. He died today at The Methodist Hospital.

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