Monday AM July 21rst, 2008

Even during the sluggish economy, there are certain jobs that are certain jobs that are recession-proof. That’s what the web site Jobfox-dot-com found, as Ed Mayberry reports.

image of Jobfox logoSome professions have consistently remained in high demand over the past eight months, according to Barry Lawrence with Jobfox.

“Yeah, well Jobfox monitors, each month, the top most in-demand jobs by employers, and we wanted to take a longer view since about November of last year, to see how the recession has played.  We came up with a list of top twenty jobs that we think are right now the most recession-proof, and they include sales, software design and development, nursing, accounting and the finance fields.” 

Certain professions as just better able to weather continued job erosion in the weakened U.S. economy, according to the Jobfox report.

“It ruled the day in the top twenty: everything from–again–software development, to business analysis with, you know, a software focus, testing and quality assurance behind the scenes, you know, software never works right the first time–it has to be constantly tested and improved.  And down to things like database administration, and of course this chief technology officers who help run those departments.  Very high demand for those positions.”

Changing demographics are affecting which jobs are harder to fill.

“Seventy-six million baby boomers are starting to exit the workplace.  And behind them are roughly 44 million Gen X’ers.  I mean, there’s just a huge shortage of numbers.  And so companies are really–even in this recession period–struggling to find, you know, experienced, skilled talent.  And that’s certainly true in the accounting and finance world.”  Ed: “And as you mentioned, baby boomers aging–that would explain the nurses.”  “Not only is there a shortage of nurses, but at the same time you have aging baby boomers who need nurses to provide services, so major shortage there and they appear at number three on our list.”

Each month, Jobfox ranks the top professions in greatest demand by recruiters and others who use the site’s matching engine.

“Well, Jobfox is really the first site for jobs where you are matched based on very specific profile of skills and education and talent levels that you bring to the table.  So you don’t look for jobs on Jobfox.  You are matched, much like you’d be matched on a e-Harmony type of system.  You know, it’s more for jobs, of course, but it’s a very specific matching technology–you don’t have to waste your time looking through, you know, hundreds of mismatched jobs.  We’ll get you matched to the right positions that you can then make contact with the employer and pursue a new career.”

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

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