Open to All: Seawall to Get ADA Access

For the first time, people with disabilities will be able to access
the beaches in front of the Galveston seawall.

A $430,000 project will provide wheelchair access to the beach at 57th street, across from the Galveston Convention Center.The Texas General Land office is funding the project.

This is Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson:

image of speaker, click here for audio“We’re going to build, it’s a ramp paralleling the seawall and then it kind of does a switchback and goes the opposite direction paralleling the seawall to get down to the sand itself.”

The access will be the first along the 10-mile seawall and should but complete within 45 days. Patterson says residents weren’t demanding disabled access, but the project still fills a need.

image of speaker, click here for audio“We really haven’t had that many requests. There’s been some interest in it, about bringing greater ADA access. There are a few people in Galveston who have raised the issue. It’s not been a groundswell at all. It’s the right thing to do. We’ve obtained the money and hope to begin working on it within a week.”

Seawall Galveston photograph 1905 The seawall is about 17 feet high and 16 feet thick at its base and was built after the great hurricane of 1900.