TMC and Metro at Odds Over Rail Stray Currents

The Metropolitan Transit Authority is facing a lawsuit
over stray electrical currents leaking from the light
rail line. Capella Tucker reports.

It’s an issue that Metro and the Texas Medical Center have been going back and forth over. Both have done studies looking at how much electrical current is leaking from the light rail line. Metro maintains that it does no damage. Spokesperson Raequel Roberts discusses the issue.

“All the studies that have been done and even an independent study done the TMC has done show there’s been no damage caused by light rail stray currents.”

But the TMC says otherwise. Spokesperson Harry Holmes says the concern is damage over time to pipelines running under the light rail track.

“These lines are full of high pressue steam and the chill water that supplies the air conditioning for the hospitals and that’s where the patients are. It could, over time, that could be a real problems.”

Holmes says the suit does not seek damages, but rather wants Metro to monitor the leakage in the TMC and establish a plan to remedy the situation.

Capella Tucker, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.