Strong Local Economy Attracting More People

The population continues to grow in Texas and across the south. Census Bureau estimates released today show
four Texas cities are among the biggest
population gainers.

More than 900,000 new residents have
come to Houston since 2000.

Greater Houston Partnership Economic Research
Manager Skip Kasdorf says the latest figures
confirm the trend.

“The increase over the past year was a large one but it’s not out of line with what Houston’s been experiencing. Houston has been gaining over 100,000 people in the metropolitan area for quite some time now.”

Kasdorf says Houston’s economy explains the population growth. Houston gained more jobs than any other major
metropolitan area in the country last year.

“So that’s it in a nutshell. You have a very strong economy, especially in the context of a fairly weak national economy and that sets up the magnet if you will to draw migrants into this area. It happens with any healthy economic environment.”

Kasdorf says it’s the same case for Dallas-Fort Worth
which added 162,000 residents in one year.

Also cracking the top ten are Austin and San Antonio.