Houston Red Cross Offers Online CPR Training

As more people are conducting more of their business online, the Houston Red Cross Chapter is keeping up with the technology age. As Houston Public Radio’s Laurie Johnson reports, you can now take CPR courses online.

It might sound odd to learn CPR online. But it’s really only half the class. All of the study and written portion of the classes are now available on the Houston Red Cross website.

Chapter Managing Director Chris Crease says the traditional paper version of the CPR class takes 4-6 hours. The online version takes about a third that long.

“Basically you just go to the website and there will be a drop-down list to have all the courses available and you just follow the prompts. And once you follow the prompts it will be a self-paced study and should take probably — maybe an hour or hour and a half.”

Once you finish that course, you have 30 days to go to a Red Cross location and complete the hands-on portion of the class. Crease says offering the courses online should result in more people getting CPR certified.

“Like I said it’s totally new so we really don’t know, there’s an x-factor involved. But hopefully once the word gets out and everybody knows that we are providing online training it would touch a lot of the population.” [Reporter]”Do you anticipate that this is going to save money for your chapter?” “Big time. Yes, big time we’re looking for that also. Like I said we serve 16 counties and we have to send an instruction to say Walker County or Austin County. So it’ll save us a lot of time, a lot of time.”

Houston isn’t the first to venture into online CPR courses. About 200 other chapters across the country do the same, but Houston is one of the largest to add the online option.

Laurie Johnson. Houston Public Radio News.


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