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HISD Hiring ACP Teachers

The Houston School District is hiring people to be teachers through the Alternative Certification Program. This is the program that brings people into education from other career fields, as Houston Public Radio’s Jim Bell reports.



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Alternative Certification was created to help solve a critical teacher shortage.  HISD hires between a thousand and 1200 teachers every year, and a good many come in through Alternative Certification. ACP Director Karen Owen says while some are young and right out of college, most are older people looking to make a career change.

“They’re looking for something different. They’re looking for something maybe they’re able to give back to the community. Some people always wanted to be teachers but it’s never been quite the right time. They didn’t go through an education course when they were in college. So they’re people who’re looking to make a change in their life.”

Owen says non-certified professionals with a bachelor’s degree can qualify for this program, but they have to take some education courses the state requires for certification. Those courses are part of the training HISD provides.

“We’re looking for individuals who will be willing to start their training this Spring.  They will continue training during the summer and they will start teaching next fall when school begins. They will continue their training during the year and they will be certified the following Spring.”

Owen will hold an informational meeting this Wednesday at 5:30pm for people interested in becoming a teacher through Alternative Certification.  It’ll be at the ACP offices at 300 West 17th Street in the Heights. There’s more information on our website KUHF dot org. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.