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NASA Holds Funeral Service For Captain Eugene A. Cernan

Gene Cernan was the last man to leave foot prints on the moon. Today NASA holds a live funeral service in his honor.

Family and friends this afternoon are saying goodbye to the last human to leave footprints on the moon. The funeral for Astronaut Gene Cernan is being held at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church on Sage Road at 2:30 p.m. Cernan’s family plans a private interment at a later date with full military honors at the Texas State Cemetery.

Cernan’s first space flight was on Gemini 9 in 1966. He had flown to the moon on Apollo 10 in 1969 — a dress rehearsal two months before Apollo 11’s first moon landing. But Cernan got his chance to walk on the moon in 1972 during Apollo 17, at the age of 38.

Only six other moonwalkers are still with us, and they’re all in their 80’s.

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