Houston Community College extending resources for students affected by art school closure

The community college is offering assistance with financial aid, transcript evaluations and transfer applications.

The Art Institute of Houston

A local community college is extending a helping hand to students of a Houston art school after they were alerted their school would permanently close in just a few days.

The Art Institute of Houston, along with seven other Art Institute campuses around the country, is permanently closing its doors Saturday days after warning students. And while limited options remain for those looking to transfer, Houston Community College is offering resources and assistance for students affected by the closure, according to a webpage that recently appeared on the college’s site.

“If you are a student impacted by either the closing of the Art Institute of Houston or another Art Institute campus across the nation, Houston Community College can help you continue your education,” according to the webpage.

The community college is offering Art Institute students help with transcript evaluations and financial aid. According to the webpage, Houston Community College can also take some credits for students that were working on bachelor degree programs, and assistance for exploring similar degree paths.

While the community college currently has only two bachelor programs in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and Healthcare Management, there are several associate degree options similar to ones offered at the Art Institute, like Baking & Pastry, Audio Production, Fashion Design and Web Design.

“Both HCC and the Art Institutes are fully accredited institutions,” according to the community college’s webpage. “HCC has had an excellent relationship with the AIH over the years. We are in the process of developing curriculum alignments of all Art Institute degree plans to HCC degree plans for those wishing to continue their education at HCC.”

The Art Institute of Houston said in an announcement last week that a culmination of events forced the closure of this system of colleges.

"Most notably, the colleges, which already were dealing with the legacy challenges that arose under prior ownership, were unable to absorb the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on schools teaching hands-on and equipment-intensive programs such as culinary arts and fashion design."

The Art Institutes will close other campuses in Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Tampa and Virginia Beach on Sept. 30.