Clear Creek ISD board approves bond election for November ballot

The district plans to host at least one community meeting in September with more details about their proposal.


A student uses her laptop at school.

Clear Creek ISD approved a $302 million bond to go up for election in November. The bond could help fund regular school operations.

District officials say 2019 was the last time the state increased school funding despite operation costs increasing due to inflation.

"This is a mechanism in which would generate additional revenue to help pay for teacher salaries, utility bills, fuel, things that we need on a day-to-day basis to run a school district," said Elaina Polsen, the Chief Communications Officer for Clear Creek ISD.

According to the district, they currently receive $6,160 per student. They say the Legislature would need to increase that allotment by $1,000 to account for inflation.

"What are we doing about it? What we always do when faced with a challenge. We lock arms, turn to our community for guidance, and keep our eyes looking forward and upward. We do not sit idle and hope for the best," said Karen Engle, Superintendent of Schools, in a press release. "We pulled together a group of parents, business leaders, school board members, and educators to guide our decision making."

Earlier this summer, Texas Legislature passed an $18 billion property tax relief package. Polsen said residents in the Clear Creek district will see an 18-cent decrease in their tax rate this year.

"If [all] the propositions pass, then it would be a 15-cent decrease," she said.

The district has three propositions for the bond: The first involves approving a maintenance and operations tax rate, while the other two involve school repairs and replacing instructional technology.

"It is that time where lifecycle replacements do occur," Polsen said. "And Clear Creek ISD does have a one-to-one program. So every student in our school district is issued a laptop for their learning."

Polson said the district plans to host a community meeting with more information about the proposal sometime in September, and details are also available on the district website. She said plans for how the funds would be used at different schools will also be available by the end of the week.

Patricia Ortiz

Patricia Ortiz


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