How It Shapes Us

TSU Students Share Why Black History Matters Year Round

Aspiring journalists from Houston’s HBCU discuss the importance of African-American experiences in the other 11 months of the year.

February is black history month, but the students in Professor Sandifer-Walker’s journalism class at Texas Southern University are reminded of African-American history daily.

TSU is a Historically Black University in Houston. This HBCU is full of history that helped make Houston as diverse as it is today, so it only seemed natural to ask the students of Texas Southern: why black history matters to them?

I walked in the Martin Luther King Jr. building on campus and entered classroom 203 where 12 chairs were filled with aspiring journalists.

Each student had their own charm and take on why black history mattered to them.

Their answers were inspiring and acted as a reminder that black history is American history.

To hear their thoughts listen to the audio postcard above.