Filling Houston’s Food Gaps

Posted on · Sixteen communities in Houston are considered food deserts, places where grocery stores are in short supply. But the City of Houston is attempting to fill the gap. Officials are tossing around ideas to incentivize supermarkets to open up in lower-income areas. As Wendy Siegle reports, the goal is to try to shorten the distance between families and healthy food.


Wheelchair Tennis Clinic in Montrose

Posted on · Nearly two years ago, a Houston tennis pro began coaching a free clinic for people in wheelchairs. The initial response was slow, with only a couple of students. Now the weekly program bustles with activity. Wendy Siegle sat in on one of the practices of the only wheelchair tennis clinic in Houston.


Houston Gets Emergency Solar-Powered Generation Units

Posted on · The City of Houston is buying 17 mobile solar-powered units from the University of Houston. The containers will be able to power small appliances and devices during emergency situations or widespread power outages. And as Wendy Siegle reports — the inside of the units are fitted-out to be used for offices, storage, and first aid stations.


KUHF Conversations: Hilton Kelley, 2011 Recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize

Posted on · A Port Arthur man has been awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for North America, which is often described as the Nobel Prize for grassroots environmentalism. Hilton Kelley is the first Texan and first African-American male to win the prize. Kelley was raised in Port Arthur, a town dotted with chemical plants and refineries. He's being honored for his fight for environmental justice in that community. Wendy Siegle spoke with Kelley about his award.


Missouri City to Get Second Park & Ride

Posted on · Missouri City is getting a new park and ride. As Wendy Siegle reports, Metro is currently scoping out possible locations to put the new lot, which is expected to serve workers in the medical center.


"Talk Text Crash" TxDOT Launches Distracted Driving Campaign

Posted on · The Texas Department of Transportation launched its "Talk Text Crash" campaign at the University of Houston today. TxDOT hopes the month-long campaign will raise more awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. As Wendy Siegle reports, students were able to get behind the wheel of a driving simulator to see how easy it is to lose control when sending a text.


KUHF Conversations: Stacy Malkan

Posted on · Lipstick, shaving cream, deodorant, shampoo. We use these products every day, but what's in them? The campaign for safe cosmetics is hosting a seminar in Houston today to the discuss the latest research on toxic chemicals in personal care products. Stacy Malkan is co-founder of the group and author of the book Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry. She's one of the experts on the panel at today's seminar, and spoke with Wendy Siegle.


New Advocacy Group Wants More Money For Houston’s Transportation System

Posted on · As Texas lawmakers struggle to trim the budget, transportation advocates are hoping the legislators keep the scissors away from the dwindling pot of transportation dollars. A new organization called TAG — the Transportation Advocacy Group Houston Region — is calling on politicians to find more ways to finance highway and transit projects. Wendy Siegle reports.