Oscar Sanchez stands for a portrait outside his home in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday, June 10, 2021. In March, Sanchez arrived in Texas, homeless and parentless. In April, the Honduran turned 18, the legal adult age, and he was released from a pop-up detention center in Dallas and united with his aunt and grandmother in Indianapolis.


‘It’s An Impossible Choice’: Honduran Teen Seeks Refuge From Gangs, A Chance At Prosperity In U.S.

Posted on · The heartache and hurdles for Oscar and his mother illustrate why so many are leaving and the persistent challenges this mass migration presents for the children, ther families and those who receive them in the U.S. Federal authorities have been overwhelmed by the number of children, opening more than a dozen unlicensed temporary shelters for them, including one in Dallas since closed and a massive detention facility at Fort Bliss in El Paso.