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Why One Family Worries They Will Be Separated

Posted on · As Congress hammers out the details of an immigration reform bill, many undocumented families are watching the news with some hope that a path to citizenship passes. KUHF's Shomial Ahmad talked to one Houston-area family who are hoping that, but right now, they're living with the fear of what would happen if their family was separated.


Major Presbyterian Church May Consider Leaving Its Denomination

Posted on · One of the largest Presbyterian churches in the country, located here in Houston, is voting this Sunday on whether or not to enter into a discussion of what its ultimate affiliation should be with its denomination — the Presbyterian Church USA. KUHF's Shomial Ahmad looked into why the church is considering such a move.


The Fate Of KCOH

Posted on · The future of KCOH, which is billed as the oldest and largest African-American radio station in the south, is up in the air. Today the majority owner of the station announced that the programming will move to another part of the radio dial.