State Leaders Preview Budget Cuts

Posted on · Lawmakers in the Texas Senate and House are revealing a few details of their initial budget drafts. Shelley Kofler reports that layoffs and furloughs will help close the spending gap.


Upstart Medina Out to Impress in Second Debate

Posted on · Tonight, republican candidates for governor will square off for their second debate. Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison are still the headliners, but observers are trying to figure out how Debra Medina could affect the GOP nomination. Shelley Kofler has more on what's happened to Medina since the first debate two weeks ago.


Trans-Texas Corridor May Live On

Posted on · Reports of the death of Governor Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor may be premature. Some parts of the controversial project have been canceled, but other parts of it will live on in Houston and other large cities. From Dallas — Shelley Kofler reports state officials trimmed the unpopular project down just as state lawmakers were getting ready to debate it again.


Evacuees in Dallas Waiting on FEMA

Posted on · FEMA says the federal government will pay for a 30-day hotel stay for qualified evacuees who fled Hurricane Ike. But Dallas' emergency management director says evacuees at the city's convention center will have to stay there instead, because FEMA hasn't provided enough assistance. Shelley Kofler reports from Dallas.