Hutchison Weighs-In On Obama Space Policy

Posted on · New details emerged from the White House this week about the Obama Administration's space policy initiatives. Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison reacted strongly in opposition saying the proposals will damage America. Sara Sciammacco reports from Washington.


Texas Too Fat To Fight? New Report Says Yes

Posted on · A new report says almost half of Texas's young adults are too obese to qualify for military service. The study by a group of retired military officials warned members of Congress that the nationwide trend is a threat to national security. Sara Sciammacco reports from Washington.


Hispanic Activists Cry Foul Over New EPA Rules

Posted on · Hispanic activists are crying foul at the Obama Administration over its new greenhouse gas emission rules likely to go into effect next year. They say the rules — which would tax fossil fuels and impose new fees on Texas businesses — could further devastate the state's poorest minority communities. Sara Sciammacco reports from Washington.


Monday AM January 18th, 2009

Posted on · The Texas Securities Commissioner blames federal regulators for failing to prevent the nation's financial crisis in 2008. She testified Thursday on Capitol Hill today about ways to improve the system. Sara Sciammacco reports from Washington.


Ready, Set, Solar!

Posted on · A group of Rice University students is competing in the nation's Capitol to build the best solar efficient home. A panel of architects and engineers will judge the team this week. Sara Sciammacco reports from Washington.


Diary Farmers Need Moola

Posted on · Texas dairy farmers say their industry is in crisis with some producers losing up to thousands of dollars per day. Their economic challenges were the topic of a hearing on Capitol Hill. Sara Sciammacco has more from Washington.


Lawmakers From Texas Still Like Pork

Posted on · Republicans and Democrats are both pledging to put the federal government on a diet to cut the deficit. But when it comes to pork, they have the same big appetite. This year's first budget bill in Congress comes with 85-hundred home state projects, also known as pork-barrel spending. As Sara Sciammacco reports from Washington, Texas lawmakers proudly stand by their earmarks.


Texas Bee Keepers Ask Congress for Help

Posted on · Honeybees that help pollinate Texas's cucumbers and cotton plants are disappearing. Family farmers are paying more to pollinate their crops and struggling beekeepers who have lost hives are asking Congress for help in the Farm bill. Sara Sciammacco has more from Washington.