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Proposed Texas bill could penalize use of emergency contraceptive

Posted on · Aside from tightening abortion restrictions and penalizing patients directly, as opposed to abortion providers, the bill also makes a modification to the definition of an “individual” in the state penal code. The implications could mean penalties for the use of emergency contraception or in vitro fertilization treatments.

Carnegie Vanguard High School


Houston area schools that typically perform well have shown drop in performance since pandemic, annual report shows

Posted on · In Houston, many high schools that typically perform well, such as Bellaire, Westside, Lamar and Memorial, have seen significant drops in performance. Meanwhile, Carnegie Vanguard High School was the most highly ranked high school in the area.


Texans split on removing Confederate holidays, CRT in colleges, poll finds

Posted on · Fifty-five percent of Texans support the removal of Confederate Heroes Day, which honors leaders of the Confederacy like Robert E. Lee, as an official state holiday. Also, a narrow minority of Texans support legislation that would strip faculty at public colleges and universities of tenure if they teach critical race theory.