Not Pond Scum, Algae Upgrades To Biofuel

Posted on · Algae, that green slimy stuff that ruins swimming trips and clogs drains, is for most people a disgusting nuisance. But not to a group of researchers at UT Austin. StateImpact Texas reporter Mose Buchele takes you into the lab to learn why scientists believe the cars of the future could run on Algae.


Natural Gas From Bridge To Barrier

Posted on · The debate over America's vast reserves of natural gas usually focuses on the risks and the benefits. In the benefits column: it's a relatively cheap, it's domestic, and it's a cleaner burning than coal. The risks? Well, that's usually when Hydraulic Fracturing — or fracking — comes up. But StateImpact Texas reporter Mose Buchele reports, recent shifts in the price of natural gas are presenting a whole new set of challenges for America's energy future.


Drilling For Shale Gas In Mexico

Posted on · The Eagle Ford Shale formation in South Texas that's made headlines for its abundance of natural gas doesn't end at the Rio Grande. That fact was not lost on the Mexican Government, which recently announced plans to expand its drilling for gas there in an effort for more energy independence. For StateImpact Texas, Mose Buchele reports on the implications for both sides of the border.


TCEQ’s Approach Is Under Fire

Posted on · This week, KUT News is teaming with NPR on a project highlighting industrial air pollution. NPR reporters, working with the Center for Public Integrity, reviewed never-before published lists compiled by the U-S Environmental Protection Agency to track polluters. Roughly one in 10 factories on the most recent list is in Texas. Some of those facilities have been on the watch list for years. For the KUT/KUHF StateImpact Texas project, Mose Buchele reports on the regulatory environment that allows industries to keep polluting.


Intentional Plane Crash Targeting IRS Office in Austin

Posted on · The fire caused by a small plane crash into an IRS office building on Research Blvd. this morning has been contained. Two people in the building were injured. One has been taken to the Brooke Army Medical Center burn unit in San Antonio. The other person is being treated at University Medical Center, Brackenridge. One person remains missing. Mose Buchele was at the scene.