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What Is That Crawling Up My Wall? Answering Your Questions About Houston’s Bugs

Posted on · We welcome your questions about the wonderful and varied world of insects here in Houston. As the weather cools, you may have spotted a few more creepy crawly creatures in and around your home. Ever wondered “just what is that?” Well, we’ll pose those questions to entomologist Dr. Nancy Greig, Director of the Cockrell Butterfly […]

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Do You Really Need A College Degree to Work in Houston?

Posted on · There are a lot of paths to a quality education. While many may go straight from high school to a four year college, others enter the work force, or the military for a time, and then may return to school. Some attend trade schools or community colleges. Some never pursue higher education. An initiative launched […]

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State of Community Newspapers in Houston

Posted on · We’ve heard about the woes facing publishing – notable newspapers have shifted to online services, reducing or eliminating their print editions. Long-standing magazines have ceased publication. But as major papers and magazines scale back or disappear, how are Houston’s local community papers doing? Are they picking up the slack? Expanding? Surviving? On this edition of […]

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Sports Monday: Texans Lose 7th Straight

Posted on · The Houston Texans lost their seventh straight game Sunday, falling to the Arizona Cardinals 27-24. We’ll talk about where the team goes from here. We’ll also update you on the Dynamo’s playoff draw against Sporting Kansas City on Saturday, we’ll assess the Rockets season seven games in, and we’ll discuss whether Johnny Football might repeat […]

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Chamber Choir Presents Music To Commemorate JFK Assassination

Posted on · As we near the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, the Houston Chamber Choir will perform Requiem for a President at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Houston. The Chamber Choir's Artistic Director Robert Simpson spoke with Houston Matters' Edel Howlin about the music they chose to honor President Kennedy's memory. Event Info: What: […]

Good, Bad and Ugly

Barista Champions, Dwight Howard’s Imaginary Playlist, and Blockbuster’s Farewell: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · From competitive coffee service to Dwight Howard's infinite (and imaginary) playlist, to the demise of area video stores, we separate The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly in Houston news this week, with our panel of non-experts. Today, Houston news oddities are parsed by Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg, Texas Leftist blogger Wayne Ashley, and Off […]

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What’s Overrated & Underrated About Greater Houston?

Posted on · The Texans. Houston's restaurant scene. Affordability. Diversity. The arts. Depending on your own opinion, these things aren't getting enough attention here in Houston. Or...they're receiving too much. On this edition of Houston Matters, we ask you: what's overrated and underrated in Houston, and why? It can be anything! Sports, food, entertainment, museums – whatever you […]

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Texas Art Asylum: Resale Shop for Artists

Posted on · “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That old saying has been turned into a thriving business at the Texas Art Asylum. Owner’s Ramona Brady and Jennifer McCormick accept things that people don’t need, don’t want or have no use for anymore and sell them to local artists and crafters. They then turn their profits […]

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Answering Your Car Repair Questions

Posted on · We’ve talked a lot about the state of Houston’s roads on our show, but what about your car? What should you be doing now to prevent bigger-and more expensive-issues down the road? Do you have a burning question about something funky your car is doing? Today, two AAA technicians to answer your questions about your […]