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Case Keenum’s 3rd Ward Shout-Out, Houston’s Traffic, and the Hooters Coach: It’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Houston News

Posted on · From a 3rd Ward shout out on Sunday Night Football, to unusual behavior from teachers and coaches, to pretending to be a different race to win an election, we explore the good, the bad, and the ugly in Houston news this week.

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The Ultimate Food Lover’s Guide to Houston

Posted on · And the folks behind My Table magazine have published a third edition of The Ultimate Food Lover’s Guide to Houston. We’ll talk with editor Teresa Byrne-Dodge about the guide, and about the seemingly ever-growing array of restaurants, bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, markets and pubs in Greater Houston.

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Why Some Houston Roads Don’t Have Billboards

Posted on · One of the prettier drives into downtown Houston is from the south, via Highway 288. One reason for that — no billboards. We’ll talk with Anne Culver, the Executive Director of Scenic Houston, about ordinances in place that address billboards, and how and why the number of billboards in Houston has, in fact, dropped significantly over the […]

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Why Religious Charities in Houston Wish More People Were in Church

Posted on · Back in the early 1980s, about six or seven percent of Houstonians did not affiliate themselves with any religion. Today, that number has nearly doubled. So we consider what this trend means for established religious institutions in Houston, and the services they provide, now and in the future. We’ll welcome your comments and questions for Dr. Lynn […]

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New Magazine Illustrates Gulf Coast Culture Through Food

Posted on · There are plenty of publications out there covering food in Houston – from restaurant openings to food trucks to recipes. But a new quarterly publication called Sugar and Rice hopes to take writing about food in Greater Houston and turn it on its head – to not just write about food, but to illustrate life […]

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What Is That Crawling Up My Wall? Answering Your Questions About Houston’s Bugs

Posted on · We welcome your questions about the wonderful and varied world of insects here in Houston. As the weather cools, you may have spotted a few more creepy crawly creatures in and around your home. Ever wondered “just what is that?” Well, we’ll pose those questions to entomologist Dr. Nancy Greig, Director of the Cockrell Butterfly […]

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Do You Really Need A College Degree to Work in Houston?

Posted on · There are a lot of paths to a quality education. While many may go straight from high school to a four year college, others enter the work force, or the military for a time, and then may return to school. Some attend trade schools or community colleges. Some never pursue higher education. An initiative launched […]

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State of Community Newspapers in Houston

Posted on · We’ve heard about the woes facing publishing – notable newspapers have shifted to online services, reducing or eliminating their print editions. Long-standing magazines have ceased publication. But as major papers and magazines scale back or disappear, how are Houston’s local community papers doing? Are they picking up the slack? Expanding? Surviving? On this edition of […]

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Sports Monday: Texans Lose 7th Straight

Posted on · The Houston Texans lost their seventh straight game Sunday, falling to the Arizona Cardinals 27-24. We’ll talk about where the team goes from here. We’ll also update you on the Dynamo’s playoff draw against Sporting Kansas City on Saturday, we’ll assess the Rockets season seven games in, and we’ll discuss whether Johnny Football might repeat as […]