Cold Temperatures Leave Houston Homeless Vulnerable

Posted on · With temperatures expected to drop below freezing tonight, Houston's homeless population is especially vulnerable to the sudden temperature change. Homeless mission Star of Hope is doing its part to keep those who are exposed to the elements warm.


Houston Seniors Overcome Fear Of New Technology

Posted on · As the world is becoming more digital every day, one part of the population has to be careful not to be left behind: seniors. Florian Martin from the KUHF NewsLab talked to participants of a wireless technology workshop for seniors about their usage of new technology.


Travel Tips For The Holidays

Posted on · As the holiday travel week begins, the Houston airports are seeing an increase in travelers. More than 1.5 million passengers are expected to pass through George Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airports over 13 days. To avoid delays and frustrations, travelers should follow some basic tips.


UH Geologists: Northwest ‘Burbs Still Sinking

Posted on · Parts of northwestern Harris County are sinking at an unusual rate. Geologists at the University of Houston published a study that found that some points in Jersey Village are subsiding by over two inches a year. Florian Martin took a closer look at the issue.


Churches Find New Ways to ‘Clean Up’ Halloween

Posted on · While some Christian denominations observe All Saints Day on November 1st, not all of them are comfortable with how most people in this country celebrate the night before. This is because the custom of dressing up as ghosts and witches is seen by some as a pagan tradition celebrating death, incompatible with the Christian faith. Florian Martin spoke with Christians and a religious studies professor about the relationship between Halloween, All Saints Day and Christianity.


Nonprofits Work Together In New Program

Posted on · United Way of Greater Houston started its Thrive initiative in September 2008. The program bundles together different non-profit agencies to help low-income families with children become financially independent. Two years later, the organization presents its first results. Florian Martin has this report.