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Houston Grand Opera Chorus

Posted on · As opera-goers we're spoiled rotten in Houston. We're so used to superb choral singing in Houston Grand Opera productions that it becomes very easy to take it for granted that idiomatic, energized, precise ensemble singing with tonal beauty and crisp diction are the norm at opera companies everywhere. But just travel outside Houston and it becomes quickly and glaringly apparent that you'd have to travel internationally to find other opera choruses whose performance standards match HGO's. Seldom are the choral numbers the highlight of every opera performance the way they are at HGO.

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Opera Glossary

Posted on · All of us who go to the opera, regardless of whether we're casual opera-goers or inveterate opera lovers, originally had to start from scratch in our opera-going experience. Every one of us at some point in our lives had to buy that first ticket, or let someone else take us to the opera for the first time, unsure and unknowledgeable about what we were about to experience.

The Front Row

The Front Row, Monday, 8/04/2008

Posted on · We peer into the formerly hidden, behind-the-scenes aspects of the life and personality of Franco Corelli, who was the world's Number-One-Tenor during the 1960's and 70's. An intensly private man, he kept most of the details of his personal life out of the public eye, but now his story has been told in a thoroughly researched, comprehensive new biography by Rene Seghers...

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Gilbert vs. Sullivan

Posted on · Ask any actor and they'll tell you: Comedy is much, much harder to do than drama. And yet, come awards time, even brilliantly done comedy rarely is rewarded. It's common knowledge that comedy films and the comedic performances in them have little chance at scoring an Academy Award.

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Surtitles at the Opera

Posted on · Eric Skelly explores the ways that opera companies have worked to circumvent the language barrier, as well as the history and technology behind one of their more useful tools, the surtitle.

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Fables and Fairy Tales in Opera

Posted on · Opera is the ultimate example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Music, drama, poetry, dance, the visual arts . . . each is a rich, rewarding and fully engaging arts discipline on its own. Given the breadth of source material available, Eric Skelly discovers that many famous operas are based on fables and fairy tales.

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Countertenor Leads

Posted on · The Countertenor voice seems to be entering a Golden Age in opera, with countertenors ranking among some of operas biggest marquee names. Eric Skelly explores the voice and repertoire of the countertenor, the countertenor's predecessor, the castrato, and uncovers news about the most famous castrato of them all.