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Houston Matters Live Town Hall On Race & Policing, Nov. 15 at Noon

Posted on · On Nov. 15, Houston Matters will host a live town hall conversation about relations between Houston’s African-American community and law enforcement. We see this town hall as an opportunity to bring our community together, to explore what may lead, at times, to disconnects, miscommunication or misunderstandings. We also want to highlight what good work is being […]

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Hurricane Season, Full Menu: Best Pizza & The Chicken Ranch: Wednesday’s Show (June 1, 2016)

Posted on · The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season begins today (June 1, 2016). On this edition of Houston Matters, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett discusses how recent floods might have jump-started public awareness of natural disasters in Greater Houston, and what lessons we’ve learned about hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding in the last few years. Then we’ll chat with Chris Hebert from StormGeo, a weather […]

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How the City of Stafford Runs Without Property Taxes

Posted on · Houston is often compared to many other big metropolitan cities around the country, but in reality every city is different. That statement is definitely true when discussing the practices of a small town 30 minutes southwest of Houston. The place is Stafford, Texas, and not only does the city not have property taxes, but it also […]

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How Magic Island Brought Magic to Houston

Posted on · There’s a building you might pass if you travel on the Southwest Freeway toward downtown. Maybe you’ve noticed it. It’s got the head of a sphinx in the middle and the words “Magic Island” written on the side. Perhaps you’ve wondered what that building is – or whether it’s even open. Well, to find out, we’re […]

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Local Author Explains Every Single Shakespeare Play for Young Adults

Posted on · In school, did you ever have trouble understanding a work of Shakespeare? Have you ever attended a production of Macbeth or The Tempest and struggled to keep track of all the characters and plot lines? Well, Houston author Dennis Abrams has something that can help. Recently, he embarked on the ambitious project of re-categorizing and and breaking […]

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Warning, May Cause Tears: Veterans & Families Perform Stories of Military Service

Posted on · The Telling Project was founded in 2008 by writer, director and producer Jonathon Wei. Wei uses theater to allow veterans and their families to tell their stories, to deepen the public’s understanding of the military veteran experience and to foster an easier transition back to civilian life. Houston Matters producer Edel Howlin reports on one Telling Project […]

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Irish Session Plays for Over Thirty Years in Houston Pubs

Posted on · Traditional Irish music has been played for more than 30 years by a random group of people in Houston nearly every Wednesday night in two pubs. This so-called “Irish Session” began at The Red Lion on Main Street, but when that burned down, it moved to McGonigel’s Mucky Duck where it’s been happening for the […]

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Who Picks Up Stray Horses, Cattle and Zebras in Harris County?

Posted on · About 30 minutes north of Houston, in Atascocita, tucked behind the Harris County Fire Marshal’s office and the training academy is the Sheriff’s Livestock Office. On any given day, you can find a stray horse, some cattle or even a zebra enclosed in their pens. Edel Howlin went out to the Harris County Sheriff’s Livestock office […]

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The Full Menu: Best Cheap Places to Eat in Houston

Posted on · Looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful to eat in Houston, where do you go? What do you google? No need to do a thing, our gaggle of foodies have a list over 40 places for you to check out on this ‘cheap eats’ edition of The Full Menu. Today’s conversation features: Katharine Shilcutt of Houstonia Magazine, David Leftwich […]

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New James Beard Book Features Houston Restaurant

Posted on · Since 1998, the James Beard Foundation (JBF) America’s Classics Award has recognized regional restaurants known for their timeless appeal and which serve quality food that reflects the character of their communities. The foundation has given more than 100 such establishments this recognition during the annual JBF Restaurant and Chef Awards Gala that takes place every May. […]