Houston ISD one step closer to starting school year earlier, hiring uncertified teachers through “innovation” status

Posted on · The district will likely have the ability to start classes earlier in August. Administrators will also be able to hire uncertified teachers in high schools. Those policy changes are expected to proceed after the DAC signed off on a so-called “District of Innovation” plan Tuesday night. 


Stacked Houston ISD committee considers requests for uncertified teachers and longer school year through “innovation” status

Posted on · The state-appointed leaders of Houston’s public school system want Houston ISD to become a so-called “District of Innovation,” which allows exemptions from a long list of state laws. They argue the exemptions will increase flexibility; critics say the changes will hurt, not help. 

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Houston ISD principals have a new evaluation system. It’s strongly tied to test scores

Posted on · The state-appointed leaders of Houston’s public school system approved a new evaluation system for campus administrators on Thursday. Superintendent Mike Miles says it’s key to improve the quality of classroom instruction, but critics argue it depends too much on standardized tests.

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Special ed advocates are furious over Gov. Greg Abbott’s school voucher push after lawmakers failed to fix funding model

Posted on · State lawmakers are back in Austin again, this time working on one of Abbott’s top priorities — a school voucher program, which would provide state subsidies to private school students. Advocates are furious that lawmakers haven’t addressed a long-awaited reform to the way Texas funds special education.


Teacher turnover is a controversial part of Houston ISD reforms. It’s a feature, not a side effect

Posted on · Parents and teachers continue to speak out against reforms and turnover in Houston’s public school system. The protests intensified this week as the state-appointed leaders of Houston ISD removed more teachers from their schools. The debate over these types of reforms is not new — even in Houston.  


After Houston ISD administrator tells ‘nonbelievers’ to accept reforms or ‘You will not be here,’ students and parents protest 

Posted on · On Friday, an administrator told teachers at Cage Elementary and Project Chrysalis Middle schools to affirm their commitment to the new reform program by the end of the weekend or be reassigned. Monday morning, about thirty protestors gathered in front of the campus to speak out against the directive. 


TEA-appointed Houston ISD board allows teachers to be terminated if schools close, seeks exemption from state laws

Posted on · The state-appointed leaders of Houston’s public school system say they can’t comply with a new law requiring police officers at every campus, and they’re seeking exemptions for that and other state laws. During the Thursday board meeting, they also geared up for expected school closures in the coming years by approving a policy that allows staffers from those schools to be terminated. 

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TEA-appointed Houston ISD board wants to lengthen the school year through controversial process rejected in 2021

Posted on · Houston ISD’s state-appointed Board of Managers approved Superintendent Mike Miles’ request to seek a longer school year — a proposal that had previously been rejected. District leadership also tweaked how educators are evaluated in response to a union lawsuit, and a group of protesters interrupted the meeting every four minutes. 


Teachers have mixed feelings about Houston ISD reforms under Mike Miles, from ‘I hate it’ to ‘Just support it’

Posted on · Houston public school students start class on Monday, when the sweeping reforms enacted by state-appointed superintendent Mike Miles will be put to the test. Their teachers are already at work, learning the ins and outs of the so-called “New Education System” — and many of them are critical of the changes. 

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Houston ISD slashes autism services team, cutting “lifeline” for special ed teachers days before start of class

Posted on · State-appointed superintendent Mike Miles is overhauling the long-troubled, underfunded special education department in Houston’s public school system. Recent staffing cuts have raised concerns about whether teachers will be ready for the start of classes — especially those who serve autistic students requiring specialized instruction. 


‘A fever dream’: Mike Miles stars in musical about himself as disorganization plagues Houston ISD teacher training

Posted on · The week-long training for teachers across Houston ISD got off to a rocky start, with crowded rooms prompting a fire marshal visit. On Wednesday, TEA-appointed superintendent Mike Miles starred in a musical about himself.