EPA Says Houston Needs to Meet the FCAA

Posted on · The Environmental Protection Agency says it's not going to approve certain changes the state wants to make to its clean air act permitting program. The EPA says the changes Texas wants to adopt do not meet Federal Clean Air Act (FCAA) requirements that other states have to follow. David Pitman has more.


A Book that says Houston Is Worth It, even after Ike

Posted on · As the first anniversary of Hurricane Ike approaches, there's a new book that shares the words and pictures of Houstonians who hunkered down and rode out the storm. The book is called, simply enough, "IKE." It's published by a local organization called "Houston. It's Worth It.," a group of folks who want to focus on the more positive aspects of the city, rather than the heat, traffic, sprawl, and pollution. The organization's Dave Thompson is one of the co-creators of the book. He says the intention isn't to tell the story of Ike from a journalistic perspective, but from a community perspective. David Pitman sat down with Thompson and asked him to explain what he means by that.


Texas Pre-Paid Tuition Clarifies Refund Policy

Posted on · The agency that runs the state's pre-paid tuition program is changing its refund policy. Starting later this year, parents will no longer be able to receive a lot more than they put in if they cash out their contracts. David Pitman has more.


New Study No Surprise; Traffic on North Freeway A Mess

Posted on · If you're (already) stuck in traffic on the North Freeway between the 610 North Loop and the Beltway, it will come as little surprise to learn that stretch of I-45 is "the" most congested road in Texas. That's according to a new study from the Texas Department of Transportation, which looked at how much time and money drivers waste when they get bogged down in traffic. As David Pitman reports, this latest survey is designed to help prioritize which roads need the most help.


Local charity takes a hit from Cash For Clunkers

Posted on · It's been a week since the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program came to an end. The program, which gave people up to 45-hundred dollars to trade in their old cars for shiny new rides, boosted sales at car dealerships in Houston and across the country. But it also took a noticeable bite out of groups that rely, in part, on vehicle donations to provide much-needed services. David Pitman tells us how one local non-profit was affected.


Debt Relief USA Accused of Not Relieving Debt

Posted on · The State Attorney General is going after a company that, authorities say, promised its customers freedom from debt, but, instead, took their money and tried to hang onto the cash after declaring bankruptcy. David Pitman has details.


Metro Gets Official OK For New Light Rail Lines

Posted on · Houston's Metro Transit Authority says it's one big step closer to getting the federal government to pay for up to half the expense for two light rail extensions. The Federal Transit Administration has given Metro the green light to enter into what's known as "Final Design" for Houston's North and Southeast light-rail lines. David Pitman explains what that means.


Alief and Spring Branch Help Every Child Get Medical Insurance

Posted on · Among the challenges facing low-income families as the start of the school year approaches is where to find affordable health insurance for their kids, and how to sign up for it. A new initiative launched today is focusing on the Alief and Spring Branch school districts with the goal of getting every child insured. David Pitman has more.


Professor Calls for Better Storm Preparation for Disabled

Posted on · Advocates for the disabled are calling for better storm preparation by individuals and local governments and agencies. That's following a new report detailing some of the hardships disabled Houstonians faced in the weeks after Hurricane Ike. David Pitman has more.


Congressman Urges Resolution of US-Mexico Trade Dispute

Posted on · A local congressman is urging President Obama to use a weekend summit of North American leaders to resolve a trade dispute between the United States and Mexico. U.S. Representative Kevin Brady says a recent Congressional Action is costing U.S. businesses money, and could jeopardize jobs. David Pitman reports.