Education News

New Survey Lists Colleges with Low Graduation Rates

Posted on · With a lot of focus put on high school graduation rates these days and the quality of education for younger students, a new survey is shifting the spotlight to college graduation rates and which schools aren't making the grade, including some here in Houston. Capella Tucker reports.


The Houston Food Bank as a Training Program

Posted on · The Houston Food Bank is working on expanding a program that helps them serve the community and helps inmates give back to the community. The hope is that the partnership will make everyone involved stronger to get through a down economy. Capella Tucker reports.


Seeing Houston From 20 Feet Below Street Level

Posted on · The natural resource of Buffalo Bayou winds its way all throughout Houston. Now that natural waterway is being made more accessible for those who would like to boat on the waterway. Capella Tucker reports, it's a different way to escape the hustle and bustle of Houston without leaving the city limits.


Converting to HDTV

Posted on · The New Year is going to bring a new television broadcasting era. Television broadcasters are going to all digital broadcasting on February 17th. Part of that process includes a series of tests to see if your television is ready. The next test is tomorrow. Capella Tucker reports.


In Search of Answers for Veterans

Posted on · The Houston Bar Association has stepped up its outreach to the veteran population. The effort includes several regular legal clinics including a weekly one at the DeBakey VA Medical Center. Capella Tucker reports.


Texas Wildlife

Posted on · Keeping common species common in Texas is the goal of a new Texas Wildlife Action Plan. Texas Parks and Wildlife and conservation groups are meeting in Houston to discuss ways to keep species off the endangered list by protecting their habitats. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports.


Getting the Word Out About Missing Seniors

Posted on · The Amber Alert helps get the word to the public about missing children. It's used widely across the country. Some states, including Texas, have started using a similar system for senior citizens who disappear.


Glasses Teach the Brain to See

Posted on · Traumatic Brain Injury presents a host of problems for veterans and others. One of the many things affected by an injury to the brain is vision. Capella Tucker reports on how one type of eye glass is training the brain to see again.


Galveston Faces Health Crisis

Posted on · Galveston is not under a mandatory evacuation, but officials say the city is facing a health crisis. FEMA Galveston County Coordinator Jamie Forero says people on the island should leave.


Medical Interpreters

Posted on · Houston is an international city with multiple languages. Just about every day those languages show up in Houston hospitals in patients needing treatment. Getting proper medical care depends on accurate information from patients. Capella Tucker reports on how one hospital is making sure the lines of communication stay open.