Campaign Finance Investigation Gives Texas Low Score

Posted on · The Texas primary season finally comes to an end tomorrow with runoff elections in a handful of races. And as always – money played a large role in deciding the winners. Money that flows through a system that get low marks from the State Integrity Investigation. The study looked at several aspects of state government across the country – giving each a grade on how well state law prevents corruption.


Both Sides Claim Victory in Bolivar Beach Front

Posted on · Governor Rick Perry has allowed a bill containing a controversial amendment to become law without his signature. That amendment — tacked on by Representative Wayne Christian — allows him and his neighbors to rebuild their beach-front houses, which were destroyed by Hurricane Ike. Even so, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says that won't happen, as Ben Philpott reports from Austin.


Lawmakers Last Minute Dash

Posted on · In Austin, time is running out the Legislature. With only three weeks left in the session, lawmakers are pushing furiously to get their bills to the House and Senate floors so tehy'll have a chance of passing. Ben Philpott reports from Austin.


Business Tax Stimulus Clash

Posted on · In Austin, the Texas House has given initial approval to a bill that would exempt about forty-thousand small businesses from paying the state's business tax. Eliminating this tax has been a priority for just about every lawmaker this session. Ben Philpott reports from Austin.


State Budget ’09 Preview Part Two

Posted on · State legislatures all over the country are facing lower revenues and budget cuts because of the national recession. That's not the case in Texas, but state lawmakers are still worried. In part 2 of his series on the legislative session that begins tomorrow, reporter Ben Philpott says no one can say which programs will be cut or reduced, if any.