Sandra Edwards wears a "Creosote Killed Me" shirt, which were made in response to the creosote contamination allegedly caused by the Union Pacific Railyard. Taken on Jan. 27, 2021.


Fifth Ward residents want more transparency from Houston officials on development in contaminated areas

Posted on · The City of Houston approved a $5 million voluntary relocation program to help residents who've been fighting for years to get the area cleaned up. They live near a Union Pacific Rail Yard that is contaminated with creosote, but residents have been reluctant to move because of confusion about the city’s relocation plan. 

The Union Pacific Railyard, located near Kashmere Gardens. Residents say the railyard is responsible for the cancer cluster in Kashmere Gardens. Taken on Jan. 27, 2021.


As City of Houston moves forward with relocating Fifth Ward residents, development in cancer cluster area sparks concerns

Posted on · The city issued 88 permits for new single-family homes and 17 for multifamily units since January 2019 when the cancer cluster area was first reported. The most recent was issued in January 2024, close to the plume, before Whitmire paused issuing permits at the end of  January.