Dynegy Bankruptcy

Posted on · Houston-based power company says it may have to file for bankruptcy if it can't meet certain earnings requirements by its creditors this year. Andrew Schneider has the story.


Guru of the Oil Industry

Posted on · The price of oil continues floating well over $100 per barrel as civil war rages in Libya. But as Andrew Schneider notes — the violence is doing little to disrupt global supply.

Bauer Business Focus

Bauer Business Focus: Partha Krishnamurthy

Posted on · Government investigators recently issued a report, stating that onboard electronics played no role in the runaway acceleration of several Toyota cars and SUVs. That still left other potential problems, such as gas pedals getting tangled in floor mats. Last week, the company recalled another 2 million vehicles, pushing the total number of recalls to 10 million. Partha Krishnamurthy of the Bauer College of Business joins Andrew Schneider on this week's "Bauer Business Focus" to talk about how publicity over the recalls has affected the company and its brand.


Google Pulls Apps

Posted on · Google has pulled 21 apps for the Android smartphone from its company store. The search firm determined the apps contained malware planted by hackers. Andrew Schneider has the story.



Posted on · The Supreme Court has ruled yesterday that corporations cannot claim personal privacy to shield documents from Federal Freedom of Information Act requests. Andrew Schneider has the story.


Outlook For Small Businesses

Posted on · A national survey indicates small business confidence is on the rise for the first time in at least a year and a half. Andrew Schneider has the story on the outlook for Texas.


Holly Frontier Merger

Posted on · Frontier Oil announced it is merging with Holly Corporation of Dallas. Andrew Schneider reports on what the combination means for Houston's refining industry.