Tuesday AM February 7th, 2011

Posted on · Houston-based oil companies are scaling back operations in Egypt as the country's political unrest continues. Andrew Schneider looks at what the next steps for such companies may be.


Monday PM February 7th, 2011

Posted on · Continental Airlines laying off 500 from Houston headquarters...Ensco will buy pride international for 7.31 billion...Kinder Morgan plans record-breaking 2.2 billion IPO...Lt. Gov. Dewhurst announces state Senate hearings into last week's power outages...


Monday AM February 7th, 2011

Posted on · Tax Day is still more than two months away. It's never too early to start preparing your returns. Andrew Schneider looks at developments self-employed filers should keep in mind.


Friday PM February 4th, 2011

Posted on · Justice Department tells Feinberg to speed up reimbursements to BP oil spill victims...Houston leads nation in flights cancelled due to winter weather...Marathon partnering with Triana to drill in Marcellus Shale...Unemployment rate at 9 percent in January...

Bauer Business Focus

Bauer Business Focus: Jackie Kacen

Posted on · If you go to the grocery store and don't have a list in hand of precisely what you want to buy, chances are you may wind up spending more than you intended. Jackie Kacen — Clinical Professor of Marketing at the Bauer College of Business — joins Andrew Schneider on this week's "Bauer Business Focus" to discuss her research on impulse buying.


Thursday PM February 3rd, 2011

Posted on · Mexico says it can't provide electricity to help Texas weather the cold...Small businesses expect to boost hiring in 2011...U.S. productivity hits 8-year high...Factory orders, service sector activity and retail sales all rising


Wednesday PM February 2nd, 2011

Posted on · Apache evacuates non-essential personnel from Egypt...FERC investigating BP for alleged natural gas market manipulation...NOAA reopens 4200 square miles of Gulf of Mexico to shrimping...EPA sets drinking water standard for perchlorate


Monday PM January 31st, 2011

Posted on · Fed survey of business lending standards...Congressional investigation of hydraulic fracturing...Texas budget expert blames 10 billion in lost revenue on poor planning in past tax cuts...70-perecent of U.S. seafood consumers worried about Gulf seafood safety due to BP spill...