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‘It does become a family’: From a downtown Rosenberg theater, members of Cast Theatrical Company bring shows to life

Members of the theater company say it’s the longest continually running community theater in Fort Bend County.

Walters Gift play
Natalie Weber
The cast of the most recent play, Walter's Gift

Cast Theatrical Company started in a Richmond library in 1989.

Now, its members say it's the longest continually running community theater in Fort Bend County.

Roger Bauer, who played the lead male role in the company's most recent show, joined Cast Theatrical in 1991 after seeing an ad for auditions in the Fort Bend Herald.

"My kids have grown up in this theater, acting in this theater," he said. "My grandkids have acted in this theater. It has literally become a part of my life."

Each year, dozens of volunteers come together to produce six shows in a theater tucked above a downtown Rosenberg antique shop.

The community theater produces a wide variety of shows, the most recent of which was written by a member of Cast Theatrical and premiered there in December.

Danielle Mari played the lead female role in the play, Walter's Gift.

"This is my first season being involved with them and I became instantly addicted to the community," she said.

Lisa Jones Bevil is also on the board for Cast Theatrical and helps select the shows. Sometimes, she researches plays online and other times, the committee will choose shows based on word of mouth.

The next show, Barefoot in the Park, will open in February.

Jones Bevil joined the theater company in 2006 after auditioning for a play.

"It does become a family and you get very close to people," she said.

A few years ago, the theater caught fire. But the production company continued to put on shows at a local church while the theater was being rebuilt.

John Bevil, who is married to Lisa, is the Board President for Cast Theatrical.

"The people that are part of this theater, it's 100% passion," he said. "So we never slow down."