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HPM Friday playlist

A Playlist for Your Next Rainy Day – #HPMFridayJams

This week’s #HPMFridayJams playlist features your favorite rainy day tunes, as well as some suggestions from the newsroom.

We sure have been getting a lot of rain here, Houston!

It seems like it comes out of nowhere. You're at work, sans umbrella, and then you walk out the door and you're greeted by a total monsoon. Great!

It's definitely that kind of weather that makes you want to call in your favorite take-out and get cozy on the couch in a pair of sweatpants. You can take this time to read a book, catch up on your inbox, or just watch the rain fall and chill out.

Oh – and don't forget the tunes. A "rainy day" playlist will make these summer storms so much more enjoyable, whether you're trekking through the downpour to happy hour or just spending a night in.

We asked for your favorite rainy day music and you all gave some great suggestions. Check out this playlist we compiled for your next rainy day:

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Enjoy your weekend and this #HPMFridayJams playlist from all of us at Houston Public Media.