A Work-From-Home Playlist To Get Your Morning Going, From HPM’s Morning Edition Team

An hour of music for when you just need a pick-me-up.

How does Houston Public Media’s Morning Edition team wake up so early and get the news out, all while working from home?


We’ve complied some of our favorite songs to keep things going while working remotely, in a Spotify playlist.

Houston Matters has also been selecting songs that News 88.7 listeners say help them get by during the coronavirus pandemic. Listen to the first Houston Matters Mixtape here.

Want to add your favorite songs to the next edition? Download the HPM News app and select “Open Mic.” Instructions here.

But, OK, maybe music is a little distracting when you’re trying to be productive. What else helps? NPR’s Life Kit has these tips for working from home:

  1. Get your technology in order.
  2. Make sure you have bandwidth.
  3. The kids are alright — but they’re home too.
  4. Manage expectations.
  5. Know thyself (and thy WFH weaknesses).
  6. Embrace the webcam.
  7. Stay connected.
  8. Do what you can; discuss when you can’t.

Read the full Life Kit post here.