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Music from the Movies

The Sound Of John Barry

Explore the sounds of composer John Barry from the 1960’s and the 1990’s.


John Barry was a composer of great talent. He emerged on the musical scene with his group, the John Barry 7.

The John Barry 7

This was a jazz group led by the future film composer. In the early 60’s, producer/director Richard Attenborough (who played the millionaire in Jurassic Park) discovered John Barry’s group and asked him to contribute music to the film The L-Shaped Room. Although not credited, Barry created a full album’s worth of music to be included in the film.

Between 1962 and 1992, John Barry underwent a musical transformation. He found a voice within his jazz that only emerged through his orchestral writing. As he wrote more, his voice solidified. In 1992, Barry and Attenborough’s paths crossed again. This time, Attenborough asked Barry to score his entire film, Chaplin.

John Barry conducting a film score.

This weekend on Music from the Movies, we’ll explore Barry’s emerging sound during the late 1960’s with the soundtrack to The Chase, and we’ll compare it to his film score to Chaplin from the ’90’s.

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