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Classical Classroom

Classical Classroom, Episode 33: Cracking “The Nutcracker” with Michael Remson and Shelly Power (RERUN)

The music! The story! The dancing! The history! The puns!


Classical Classroom, Episode 33: Cracking

Photo: Houston Ballet website


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Show Notes

No tickets to see The Nutcracker this year? No problem! Experience basically almost the entire thing in this episode from the Classroom Wayback Machine with musical expert Michael Remson (San Diego Youth Symphony, formerly of AFA) and dance expert Shelly Power (Pennsylvania Ballet, formerly of Houston Ballet Academy). Hear the music and the story and learn all about the history of dance and behind the scenes tricks of the trade as you listen. It’s like four levels of entertainment at once. Just like Tchaikovsky intended*.


*We assume.

Thanks to our official magical reindeer training school, Coach Comet's Flying Reindeer Academy where we'll turn your yearling into a flying buck unless he has a red nose, in which case we will ban him from all reindeer games because we are big mean bullies who will ultimately be proven wrong so wrong.

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