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WATCH: New MFAH Exhibit Showcases Some Of Norman Rockwell’s Most Iconic Work

“Norman Rockwell: American Freedom” will be on display through March 22.


This holiday season, visitors at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) can see the museum’s first comprehensive exhibit of Norman Rockwell’s work. “Norman Rockwell: American Freedom” features some of Rockwell’s most famous pieces, including the iconic “Four Freedoms” and his Civil Rights era masterpiece “The Problem We All Live With.”

While many Houstonians may be familiar with Rockwell through reproductions of his work, curator Kaylin H. Weber said she believes seeing these paintings in person is a powerful experience that sheds new light on both the artist and his art. “When you see these works in person, you get a much greater sense of him as a master technician, as a wonderful draftsman and as a storyteller,” she said.

The exhibit is on display until March 22. For more information visit the MFAH website.