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WATCH: The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston’s Latest Exhibit Finds Beauty And Meaning In Everyday Objects

A series of installations by artist Nari Ward offers visitors a unique perspective on common items, from shoelaces to strollers.

Studying art as a young man at the Studio Museum in Harlem, artist Nari Ward found his artistic voice. Walking the streets of New York, he found his muse in the detritus of urban life that surrounded him. The exhibit "Nari Ward: We The People," on display at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, highlights the artist's use of common objects in a series of installations that provide even the most well-worn items new life and greater meaning.

"Ward's touch is able to imbue those objects with a particular meaning," said exhibit curator Dean Daderko. "People will be able to walk away thinking about the ways in which a sense of spirit can reside not only within ourselves, but also within the objects that we're touching and coming into contact with on a daily basis."

"Nari Ward: We The People" is on display until November 30. Find more information on the exhibit, here.