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Documenting Modesty In Personal Style

A photographer comes to Houston to add to his collection of modest fashion from the street.

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston recently ran an exhibit of fashion photography called Icons of Style, and part of that exhibit was the work of Langston Hues’ Modest Street Fashion

Hues is a photographer originally from Detroit who currently lives and works in Indonesia. His Modest Street Fashion project focuses on looks that are both modest–which he defines as “something that is less revealing, or… on a general consensus of the idea of modesty”–as well as suitable for the street–which Hues says implies a sense of purpose in a person’s own expression of style.

Hues visited Houston recently for a talk at the museum as well as an opportunity to expand his growing collection of modest street fashion around the world. You can see some of the pictures he took of Houstonians below and check out my conversation with him above.

We talked about what got him interested in photography, what drew him to this specific project, and what he has planned for the future. We even get into the history behind his name, which is phonetically similar to a famous poet!