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WATCH: This Is Houston | New York Bagels For All

Today is National Bagel Day – Let’s celebrate with a NY Bagel!

One of the best things about living in the most diverse city in America is the rich variety of tastes and traditions people bring with them. Today we visit Ed Gavrila from Meyerland’s NY Bagel and Coffee Shop, who shares with us the secret of a traditional New York Bagel.


Ernie Manouse

Ernie Manouse

Content Producer / Host

Ernie Manouse, a native of Binghamton, NY and a graduate of Loyola University Chicago, launched his broadcasting career with NBC News before producing programs at Chicago radio station WLS-AM. In 1996, Ernie joined HoustonPBS (now Houston Public Media), and as an anchor and producer, he has garnered eight Emmy Awards,...

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