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Houston’s DJ Sun Found Music, Despite His Parents’ Wishes

His parents wanted him to go to college instead of pursuing a career in music. Michael Hagerty finds out how he did both.

DJ Sun
Houston musician DJ Sun poses in the Houston Matters studio.


Houston musician DJ Sun has been working in the local music scene for years. The Houston Press has named him DJ of the Year several times. But success didn't come to him overnight.

When he expressed interest in a career in music, his parents didn't take too well to the idea. They wanted him to go to college. So he did that, studying business at the University of Houston (and working in the mail room at KUHF as a student). But while he did so, he bought a couple turntables and started experimenting.

Now, more than 20 years later, he's recorded numerous albums and has hosted a long-running Saturday night music show called Soular Grooves on KPFT.

In 2017, DJ Sun talked with Michael Hagerty about his music, his latest album, called Qingxi, and how he got from the Netherlands, to Suriname, to the Bayou City.